East Villa

We were once again nominated as principal contractor by Ipswich Borough Council. This project entailed a new design for a new plant room to provide heating and hot water to the social housing building. Another aspect of the project was to upgrade the existing cold water down service over to mains, utilising Stuart Turner accumulators on the ground floor the increase the pressure for the ground floor and one mains boost Stuart Turner pump and accumulators to both upstairs wings.

Working in partnership with AIC, we constructed a portable temporary boiler house in order to maintain heating and hot water services operational during renovation of the plant room.

Our design included three 150kw AIC skid frame modular system with three circuits being drawn off of our welded header, a VT circuit, CT circuit, and a primary hot water circuit.

A 1000l tank-in-tank AIC Silox HWS cylinder was chosen to provide hot water to the building.

Upon install completion, our in-house commissioning team came in to complete the project. 

This project was again delivered on time and on budget.

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